Getting it all together

I’m about to send in a request for transcripts to my old school.
But I have a question… and I’m wondering if anybody knows.
When I request a transcript to go to a school, doesn’t it have to be sent directly to them?
Someplace that my husband looked said to go ahead and get 25 transcripts or more to send to various schools… but that didn’t sound right to me.
I am going to try to schedule a meeting with the premed advisor sometime in the VERY near future to make sure I have all of my ducks in a row. I probably should have done all of this already (the transcript and the advisor).
I think I’ll go ahead and request a couple of transcripts and as soon as I know for sure about the others, go ahead with them.
Please let me know if anyone knows about this.

I thought transcripts should not be sent from students. You can use a service (Interfolio is one), am I wrong in thinking I just needed mine send to AMCAS?

Right, ONE transcript request to each school you’ve attended is all you need for now - the request is for that transcript to go to AMCAS. (I am pretty sure it works the same way for AACOMAS if you are applying to DO schools.) DO NOT send transcripts to the medical schools. The AMCAS directions even five years ago were pretty slick - they printed out mailing labels complete with bar codes, so I am sure the process is reasonably smooth. Five years ago AMCAS had a date BEFORE which you were told not to send transcripts and I think it was in April - so be sure to check on that. Transcripts sent before their specified date undoubtedly end up in the trash. Definitely get them sent right AFTER they start accepting transcripts, though - AMCAS is infamous for losing stuff and many people have had to have transcripts sent more than once.
What goes to AMCAS: transcripts, MCAT scores, your AMCAS application obviously.
What goes directly to medical schools: individual secondaries, LORs/committee letters.
I did have to send transcripts directly to GWU at some point, I guess after I was accepted? I forget.

Once you have been accepted, you will have to have all your transcripts sent to your school. But those are sent to your med school directly from all your undergrad schools.

You have a transcript from each school sent directly to AMCAS from your schools. They can not come from you, because then they will be considered unofficial. They have to come from your school.

Everyone has it correct here, but now with the web-based application, you can’t download the transcript-request form from AMCAS until after they “open” this year’s application (sometime around 5/1). You download the form and send it to your school(s) and it/they send the transcript directly back to AMCAS. However, you do want an extra copy(copies) for yourself so that you can fill out the AMCAS application properly.
Some med schools may want an interim transcript next fall or winter for any work-in-progress. That would usually go directly to the med school admissions folks, and they would contact you directly if they want it.