Getting Pre-reqs, Post-bac...

Hi all,

I need some advice about my recent epiphany that I want to leave my 10-year career in Education to pursue a medical degree. I’m 32, have my B.A. in English Literature and am halfway through a Masters in Teaching and Learning. I had a 3.2 in undergrad, a 4.0 in grad school, and believe that I’ll have a well-rounded application.

I need to take all the necessary pre-reqs except English, so I want to go full-time and work part-time. Because of this, community college would be my best bet financially. However, I’ve heard that as a non-traditional applicant, undergrad may be even more crucial than if I were to have gone to med school directly after undergrad.

Does anyone have advice and/or a specific experience regarding this topic? Also, aside from seeking advice from medical schools to which I have yet to apply, what are some other good resources for a non-traditional student interested in applying to medical school with almost no science in their background?

Any info would be much appreciated.


p.s. Does anyone else feel like they’ve gone off the reservation too?

Hi - I was also working in the writing field, specifically in journalism for 10 years before taking the plunge to apply for medical school.

I am 31, and I am currently taking classes at a community college to get the pre-reqs. And, it’s working out just fine.

I have been told that the undergrad GPA isn’t as imp.

Sorry, got cut off. I was saying that, I was told that medical schools are most intersted in the scores you have in the last five years before you apply. So, I wouldn’t worry too much about your undergrad GPA if I were you.