Getting up the nerve...

I’m so glad I found this site!! I am 29 years old, with a B.S. in Biology from Missouri State University. I graduated in 2002 with a 3.77 gpa and every intention of going to medical school within two years of graduating college. After graduation, I spent a year in seminary while applying to med schools and was accepted to a great med school. However, the summer before I would have started my first year, I was offered an internship at a church to work with at-risk children. I jumped at the chance! As the summer progressed, however, I found myself with an incredible vision to stay and help these kids and therefore decline my seat in the class. I was even hired by a local private university to teach Anatomy and Physiology labs for three years while working at the church. It’s been a few years of working in ministry, but I have never lost my ambition to become a physician. I am now married with no children and working at an amazing church. But I know that I belong in medical school…more than ever!

I guess my primary question is this: Will it look terrible on my future applications that I relented a place in medical school to work at a church?? What can I do (other than retake the MCAT and get a great score) to increase my appeal to admissions boards?? I believe I made the right choice and I’m proud of the work I’ve been able to do, but I don’t want to appear as a “quitter.”

Thanks for any advice!! Blessings!

No not all… you story, your narrative is compelling. with your grades, background, you should be a strong candidate, I don’t know what the limits on MCAT scores are, though it is likely you will have to retake the the exam. You should consider start prepping for that.

  • gonnif Said:
…I don’t know what the limits on MCAT scores are…

Typically 3 years from the date of matriculation.

You sound like you’d be a great candidate!! I don’t think that you pursuing the other position will be a ding on your record at all. It shows dedication!

Thanks for the encouragement! I just bought my first enormous MCAT prep book and will be consuming it in the next few months. Wish me luck!