Give up your funniest/most embarassing HS moment

This came back to me at my reunion, so here is mine:
The Jazz Ensemble was on tour in Tampa doing a competition. We were staying in a hotel there I don’t remember which one. Anyway, there were 4 of us in the room. We were screwing around and the phone rang. I dove across the bed, and the silk sheets slide me across bashing my head on an end table. Unfortunately for my roomates we were also storing a tub full of ice and…you guessed it, beer. My director walked in and saw that I had hurt myself and they drug my woozy butt into…the bathroom!! Here are my roomates, all sitting on the bed, basically pissing on themselves, hoping they did not open the …shower curtain!!!
Needless to say, they did not, but my roomates never forgave me for belly flopping across the bed, sliding into the end table. They were paralyzed with fear. One of them told me that the Director asked them why they were all white as sheets. I think they replied that they were just fearful I was hurt too bad to play the next day…he left. They all collapsed.
:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Mine's more stupid than anything else…
I had been in a car accident and broke my nose. Had to wait a while to heal, then had it rebroken/reset by a cosmetic surgeon. Supposed to be very careful with the thing, so being a total partier, I am out with my friends at a party spot in some woods somewhere and completely out of my head drunk. What do I do? Trip and land face first on a big ole log, crushing my nose yet again. At least the outside is normal looking, eventually I gotta get the septum put back where it belongs.
My friends still think it's funny. (embarassing)
Heh, is a funny image of you sliding across those sheets, LOL

LMAO!!! Christina, I had that image of Marsha on Brady Bunch with the HUGE HONKING NOSE episode!!1 My god, that is funny/embarrassing. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

My most embarrasing moment in high school was trying to wear a dress and heels to school, which I NEVER did (usually jeans!), and since I wasn’t used to wearing all of that get up, I left class on the second floor along with classmates, but ended up basically rolling down to the first floor with my legs splayed out everywhere. I suspect my classmates saw much more than they wanted! wink.gif