Glad to have found you...

I am really very glad to have found this forum. I am currently going through nursing school and doing very well, in spite of being 33 and never having had any experience in the field. I have always wanted to become a doctor, but joined the army as a linguist instead. Now I have three sons and a husband and thanks to their loving support I am studying to become a nurse. The reason? I want to have some experience of the clinical setting before I wade any deeper. In addition, I want my children to be older before I devote all my time to becoming a doctor. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. ClimbingMountains Family site

Hey Helen,
I posted a reply last night and much to my chagrin this morning my post is nowhere to be found. Darnit. I’m not exactly sure what I did to screw it up but basically I just wanted to welcome you to OPM and say I’m glad you found us. I don’t really have any advice to give you. It goes without saying that you should doa as well as you can academically. You sound like you are a squared away individual and you choice of paths to become a doc seems as good as any. Your rational certainly seems to be thought out. THere are some nurses or former nurses on the forum that should have an insiders perspective of becoming an MD/DO after being a nurse. Maybe they will se fit to chime in with there opinions. Once again, glad to have you here. I hope to read more about and from you.

Hi and welcome to OPM.
Since you are going through nursing school now, what are your plans for medical school? How long is nursing school?
I will be 38 this fall when I start med school. I did wait until my kids were older before getting my undergrad. My daughter is now 9 (TODAY is HER BIRTYHDAY!!!) and my son is 16. They are the perfect age for me to start med school.
Good luck on your journey.

Welcome! It’s a great, supportive bunch of folks here.

Welcome to OPM! You are one busy girl! Having three children myself I can understand how you want them to be older before you do med school. Don’t worry, some of us are in our 40s and 50s. If you really want it, it will come. Good luck in your journey.

Welcome! This place is really, really great for support and other misc info. Glad you found us!