Going to Masters PostBac or take graduate courses and reapply in Spring

Hi everyone -

I just wanted to run this bye the group. I applied to several masters programs and was accepted to one . I am just a bit concerned. The program, for me, is needed since my undergraduate GPA is very low. I have started a post bac already with a 3.74 but it’s just been 1 semester.
I met with several advisors who told me to take a rigorous PPNT program, just 1 year, 15 credit hours, and I have a chance with at least an A- average. I will have an average of a 3.9 and will attain this, however, I have to decide -

The PPNT program recommended to me said that my undergraduate GPA is still too low, and they’d like me, instead of taking non degree undergrad courses, to take non degree graduate courses. Per backstory, I had met with the Director back in January, who told me to meet with the admissions committee at the school of medicine, to get A’s in all my courses, and I’ll have a chance. I did this, and then called in March, and then revisited him in June. He said “We’ll see you in the Fall” I felt great but knew it still wasn’t certain since my undergrad is a 2.2 and he had to meet with the committee to approve me. The committee recommended I keep course correcting and prove myself more.

I’m at a cross.

I can either go to the post bac that gave me a chance, or wait another semester, continue to volunteer with research at the school of medicine whom my goal is to attend, take courses, and then reapply and then start the PPNT (which there is no guarantee, until I meet with the director again, that it’s for 100% certain) or I can go to the Masters that accepted me.

My concern with the masters is the success rate is not very good. The cost is high. But it’s a chance. The caveat is I’m a director of local hospital shadowing in one club local already under the guise I am staying here, as well as a VP of PR for AMSA. I’m also in Toastmasters and other organizations and I’m already working at the LAB at the school of medicine.

The most important thing is in the end, the committees will have my application and there needs to be a coherent story. It has to be about me wanting to prove myself, but I’m still not certain if my undergraduate degree->postbac->masters all being at different schools will help me. If I stay where I am, and work hard and gain the acceptance in Spring, I lose a year, but I get to stay local, stay with the same advisor, the same mentor already at the medical school, and stay in the PPNT program that was recommended. I am losing a year taking this route with no guarantees they’ll admit me in the Spring (but the committee will see a coherent pattern without me going different locations) or I can go prove myself at the other program which is not highly ranked. I’ve also run this scenario by my mentor and his spouse, who are like my family and who have taken me in for research towards the study of the disease WHY I am choosing medicine, they recommended I go to the new program just because I have my foot in the door, whereas here there is no promise and I’d be losing a year already. I love them but know in the end the committee will have all my documents and I need to have a coherent story, and am concerned that I’m going to a lesser ranked Masters.

I will let God direct me in this decision, but I will also prove myself and receive a 4.0 at each whatever his choice is for me. I am anxious to help others with them at the center, and my competence will be displayed.

Thank you so much for sharing this! I currently have a 2.4-2.6 and just enrolled back into school to finish my BA degree in business marketing (Need 30 credits to finish). With my low GPA I am hoping that if I get solid A’s and B’s through out and do good in my Pre-Rec Sciences that I can get in but who knows. I have hear so many stories. IE I got in with a 2.8 and lots of shadowing, or I didn’t get in with 3.6, master’s and voluntary expierence etc.

I am not interested in getting master’s, etc so already accepting in my mind that I will have to go abroad for med-school. But would be nice to get in at my local medical school!

Thanks for sharing your experience with us I appreciate it!