Gold Standard Board Prep Systems

Hi, all. I received a mailing from these folks near the end of first year. 55 audio CDs for $299. That's kind of pricey, but since I drive a little over an hour each way to school, I wonder if they might be a good way to get in some regular review/prep for Step 1. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with them. Thanks in advance.
(BTW, their web site is

Hi there,
I found them full of mistakes. If you are aural learner, you may benefit from listening to the tapes. They are not too useful until you have completed your second year of medical school because you need to be able to put everything together. Even better than the Gold Standard is tomake your own drill tapes and play them on the way to your classes. smile.gif

Natalie (I am reviewing AV Fistulas; have a neat case tomorrow) cool.gif

QUOTE (njbmd @ Jul 17 2003, 11:11 PM)
Hi there,
I found them full of mistakes.

That's all I needed to hear! Thanks, Dr. Belle. I'll save my money and roll my own. Good luck with that case.

I found them somewhat usefull because I do a lot of commuting. I agree about the errors, and they are not complete in and of themselves. However, either because of them or inspite of them I passed.
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Hmm… I am in the car for a little over 2 hours every day, which is why I was considering these discs in the first place. But are the errors you folks found so obvious that you had no trouble filtering them out, or were they insidious enough to sneak in and hurt me on the boards?