Gold Standard MCAT review.

I actually went to one of the University of Texas medical schools and finished all course work. Within a week my father was getting whole body radiation, my mother died that week from a PE and the school said I waited too long to take mt step 2 to get my degree. I want to go back and am wondering if anyone thinks goldstandard is worth a dang. my wife is already an attending at Texas Children’s and I want to finish what I started so I can be a great example to not only my kids but also those who have overcome insurmountable odds. My MCAT is too old to be used again which hurts, did well, B-12 P-9 V-7. Pleas give me feedback on goldstandard prep. I am mixing it up with free lance teacher.

I cant give you an objective review of the gold standard as I have not used it nor berkley review. But I will give this outside observation which may just be a tidbit.

Gold standard seems to have a fairly big marketing behind it with Dr. Ferdinand and a few private mcat-stores. yet I never hear anyone talking about it. The Berkley review is written by professors, has no intention of expanding outside the few classes they can oversee, does almost no marketing, but it seems to well respected and everyone i know wants to get their hands on the books

I’m using GS right now and the material is fairly thorough. The biggest complaint that I have is the lack of practice problems. Dr. Ferdinand really promotes the idea of review, review, review, and THEN take the practice exams.

GS has 10 different CBTs. Each answer is thoroughly explained and placed into a different category by subject matter (Easy, Normal, Difficult).

Additionally, I like the idea that this MCAT review is written by an MD (I realize may others are as well) and geared specifically toward the strategy behind taking the MCAT.

If you purchase the home study package, you receive 16 DVDs of content review, (4 each of Bio, Chem, Orgo, Physics) Dr. Ferdinand does explain content very clearly.

One of my favorite features: There is a link to a content review video for each question on the CBTs (very handy!).

GS suggests that you use Examkrackers verbal reivew.

whatever u decide to use I always recommend that students get full length practice exams from 2 different sources typically AAMC & 1 other source.

I like SN2 study plan which is mostly based on Berkley Review Books and EK 1001 books. I haven’t taken MCAT so I can not be a very good adviser but I would google SN2 study plan and see what reviews come up.

I am actually applying to UT Texas schools as well.

I am so sorry for all you have gone through. I admire your courage to dive back in and I hope it goes super well for you!

I haven’t used Gold Standard, so I can’t comment. I used ExamKrackers and was happy with that, because it was succinct and used high-level concepts instead of a lot of detail and that works better with my brain. The review books were short, there were good practice questions, and I did pretty well on the MCAT after using it. This wasn’t the question you asked, but it’s the question I can answer.

Since you’re already in the Deep South, are you thinking of shooting over to Orlando for conference?