Gold Standard MCAT

Has anyone here used the Gold Standard MCAT guide here? I did some research on prep books that have a Kindle version. It boiled down to Barron’s and Gold Standard. Reviews of Barron’s are mixed to negative. There are some glowing reviews of Gold on Youtube. Other suggestions welcome but I prefer a Kindle based guide.

Why kindle based? Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t bought a regular book in forever, but for something like a study guide that you’ll need to write all over…

Just a thought.

Easier to carry around. A method that works for me is to make my own flashcards as I study. So, not too worried about a digital book. Plus, I can print out sections that I really need.

Another route to consider is to get the Kaplan epubs and convert them to Kindle using calibre or similar.

Or, if you have a Kindle DX, get the PDFs of almost any other book and crop them using PDF Scissors or similar.

Reason being…you may find that the presentation makes a lot of difference. Or you may love Gold Standard and stick with it! I have no experience with Gold Standard and didn’t give Barron’s a second look after a first one suggested it wasn’t for me.

Good luck!

I used Gold Standard and Kaplan together. Worked well for me.