Good grades but need prerequisites

I’m just beginning my journey to medical school and want some input.

Some quick background. I graduated 7 years ago with dual degrees both in the art/design areas. Because of this, I only have one true science class (astronomy). I did well in school with a 3.89 GPA and do well on standardized tests.

I know I can get all my clinical/shadowing/volunteer hours in. I’m really just trying to figure out the best way to get all my prerequisites in. The college’s I’m most interested in all seem to be competency based prerequisites rather than strict class lists. I can do a DIY postbac and get the 11 or so classes I need to do well on the MCAT, or one of the schools in my town offers biology bachelors which have the same 11 classes as requirements along with 10 or so others. Would it be beneficial to get the degree even though I don’t really need to improve my GPA much? Or would it look bad to start the degree and take the MCAT/apply to med school as soon as I can, even if it means not finishing the degree?

Personally, I would stick with a DIY postbac and save the money that a formal postbac program charges. You can take DIY classes in any order and there is a lot more flexibility. For example, many formal programs require Ochem 1 and 2 before biochem. I took biochem after ochem 1 and then didn’t take ochem 2 until after the MCAT.

One drawback, you do need to work a little bit harder on getting LoR because there won’t be a committee letter. If you decide to go the DIY route, make sure to attend your prof office hours to develop a relationship. Many schools use the 2 science 1 non science LoR requirement so you may want to throw in a psych or soc class to get the non science letter.

A 3.89 with a solid MCAT will be a very strong application. Your art degree will also make you stand out a bit. I wouldn’t bother adding a biology bachelors, but thats just me.