Good investment or a nail in a coffin?


This is my first post. I have gotten a positive vibe from the posters here. I got a 23 O (PS 10, VR 5 , BS 8) on my MCAT in April and re-took it for a 26 Q (PS 9 VR 8 BS 9) in July. I psyched myself out both times causing my own anxiety to lower my performance. In my practice exams I was scoring 30-33. Anyhow, I have allowed that to psych me out in that it is now mid September and I have just now finished my personal statement.

So, I have a subpar score and a late app…two components that certainly do not weigh in my favor. I plan to submit this year, semi-expecting rejection. I would thus re-apply next year with a good score (which I am confident I can get) and a June app. I am hoping that my second app next cycle will show the adcomms my resiliency and drastic improvements, thus increasing my overall chances. Is this wise or am I setting myself up for failure? If there is anyone who has experienced this, or know someone who has, I would appreciate your insight.

I have faith in the rest of my app: BCPM-3.7 cumulative-3.68…alot of volunteer work here and in Peru…youth mentor…military service with 3 deployments(75th Ranger Regiment)…cancer research…and what I consider to be a very strong personal statement.

Thanks. And good luck with all.

I don’t see much value in applying this year, frankly. You have described the downsides yourself - low MCAT and late app. It seems like a waste of money, truthfully - and given how much $$$ you can sink into this venture, that is an important consideration.

Instead of wasting money on applications, I’d put it into your choice of excellent MCAT prep and devote the time between now and next June to making sure your app is ready to go as soon as you can file. That way, you’ll have a good application, you intend to have a better MCAT, and you’ll have a successful application.

Applying to medical school is a HUGE pain in the a$$. Do it right the first time!

Just my $0.02…



I think Mary is right on this one! You’re MCAT isn’t terrible, but so late in the application cycle it will definitely put you in a disadvantage. Mine was only slightly better than yours (27P), but I had my application in at the beginning of June and at this time I was already after one interview! By the time they process your application, it’s possible that some schools won’t even have any interview spots left.


Dr. Renard is spot-on. Save your nickels & invest them in a good MCAT prep course. Then, focus your mind on kicking the MCAT’s ass! My advice is to take practice tests until you are bored to tears & fear having to take another one more than you fear the exam itself.

Then, submit that thing early! With all of your other stuff, you have a strong app. Med schools really like to see military service.