Good luck

Just wanted to say “good luck” to everyone returning to classes this semester!

I’ll add my good luck wishes, too.
I started class on Saturday. I’m taking A&P at a local tech (pre-req for some accelerated BSN programs I’m considering since I’m not sure that this is the right time in my life to pursue med school) and also taking gen chem II. So far A&P looks like it will be pretty easy. I know chem will be challenging, but I really enjoy it, so looking forward to a good semester. Good luck everyone, wherever you are in your journey!

Good luck from me too!
I’ve got a full load of 18 credits with biomechanics/kinesiology, physics II + lab, genetics, biopsychology, and a history class about the Holocaust.

That history class sounds incredible!

I think it will be. It meets once a week for 2.5 hours. Our grade is solely based on two papers (no minimum/maximum length). The first is due the third week in March and we have to prove or disprove (not that disproving would be easy or probably get a good grade) that the Holocaust really happened. The second is due the last week of classes and we have to show evidence that the Jews resisted while in camps (internally and/or externally). We have 3 books, but no due dates. I’m already halfway through the second of the 3 and class just started last Thursday . An Auschwitz survivor is gonna come in and chat with us a week from Thursday. We’ll be watching “Conspiracy” for sure plus some other movies as well I imagine. Plus our school library happens to have some of the original notes/papers from the Nuremburg trials (an alumnus’ grandfather was a judge there and so he donated the papers when his grandfather died).

I’m not sure if you’re interested in classical music or not, but there’s a great work called “Holocaust Cantata” by Daniel McCullough I believe that uses poems from people in the camps either while they were in the camps or after they were freed if they were among the lucky few to survive. It’s an INCREDIBLY moving work. I actually performed it with my choir in our local synagogue and in the Great Synagogue in Budapest. It is really powerful and weaves together a variety of experiences in the camp with some experiences leading up to the transport to the camp.

Choir music is always an interest for me . Sang all through grade school, jr. high, high school, and my first year of college the first time through. Thanks for the suggetion!