Good part time jobs while in post-bac

I’d like to go to post-bac full-ish time, and lucky enough to have the funds to do so (mostly) but a part time job would really help. I’m certified as an EMT-B, but it’s been years since I practiced, so I don’t think I could walk right in to a paid service. Any ideas? tech jobs, nurses aid, part time at clinics? I’d like to stay in a semi-related field, but there’s always waitressing again


I can’t relate to your situation. I am teaching in a community college and the pay, flexibility and work are simply awesome. Now I have a PhD so, that helps.

By all means, a teaching job, is for me a perfect one while advancing toward Med School.

I’m a paramedic and where I live/work you can get hired as long as your certs are current and you can pass the new-hire scenario tetsting. If not, you could try an urgent care type clinic, they are usually hiring. Does your school have a clinic? You could do patient transport at a hospital or be a tech in the ER (In the system I’m in, EMTs in the hospitals get far more true patient contact then those in the field. We are ALS happy). Good luck to you.

I’m a current postbac student at Columbia and I know a bunch of people with part-time jobs. The best option is obviously in a health-related field and/or research (eg. medical assistant, medical scribe, technician, research assistant). I think research assistant jobs tend to be most prevalent. A quick search will bring up a variety of positions in different fields. Columbia sends out a weekly digest of volunteer and paid positions that you can apply for. You can look at the schools to which you are applying to see if they do something similar as it is a great way to find out about opportunities.

Best of luck

Just to offer another perspective…since you said you have the financial means to pay for most of your postbacc, think about taking out school loans for the rest, including living expenses. I know many here will say this is too big of a risk. But it’s worth considering. It is like buying back your time to assure you do well in your prereqs, and maybe even get them done a bit faster, which pays off in the long run (as long as you do well). This is what you’ll most likely be doing in med school, and if it will help you do better in your prereps and/or get you to med school faster, then it’s at least worth considering.

AntMan you are absolutely right. Loans for me, at this point, would be too risky. A mortgage, two kids and freshly out of debt. I don’t feel like plunging again without being sure.

With that said if I was confronted with only two options" 1- No loans and no possibility to go to Med School ever and 2- Loans with a chance to go to Med School, then I would pick 2.

Loans are surely an option. For me, the last resort. But it is something to definitely consider if your situation forces you into it.