good positive shadowing experience!

Things are way better since my last post about being discouraged! I finally got into the volunteer program I wanted, I got a part-time job (non-medical, but good $), and I had a good experience today shadowing a dermatologist.
I did not even puke or pass out when I observed the surgical procedures: I lasted about 30 seconds on the first one, about 2 minutes on the second, and nearly 10 minutes on the third (the smell of cauterized flesh eventually got to me).
I also want to thank the people who posted here about appropriate clothes for shadowing (business professional, treat it like an interview), because I would have been underdressed otherwise.

Hey Meowmix,
Glad to hear your shadowing went well. My OB/GYN let me shadow him and it was one of the coolest things I have done. It's definitely a great experience if you can find a doctor who will sponser you.

I have done some shadwoing and it has always been really great.