Good RSS Feeds?

Does anyone have any recommendations for websites that offer RSS feeds concerning general ‘happenings’ in medicine? I guess I am looking for something that is digestable for a pre-med like myself. I perused the New England Journal of Medicine but it’s just too technial for me at this point.

I read the following blogs

Dr Wes

KevinMD (<- excellent one)



I use google reader so it is a neat way to keep myself informed within a single spot.

There is also the healthcare pulse on politico, but this is very politically technical and I hate it.

The AMA, AAMC, AACOM, and other groups have multiple email newsletters that open to all and I find very readable. AMSA has a multiple listserv’s across geographic regions and interest areas of medicine for medical students and premeds. These can get chatty and off topic.

Also, if you are looking for digestible clinical information, I like eMedicine which was originally designed for interns/residents as brief overviews of a particular treatment, in 5 to 10 pages.