Good Start?

Oh crap! I have deleted Michelle’s post by pushing the wrong button!

Michelle has a B.S. in Medical Technology, works in a lab that is affiliated with an ER and same-day surgery, and was wondering if she needs to pursue additional credentials to have a good application.

Oh, man, I am sorry. My face is red. Michelle, please accept my apologies and please come back and re-state your very good questions and concerns. I am really sorry about that!


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You certainly do not need a nursing degree or similar for the clinical time. It sounds like you have significant exposure to the clinical experience but are likely to need some additional volunteer time. But my opinion on this is definitely far from expert and I am sure others in OPM will weigh in. You sound like a very strong candidate.

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I think your clinical experience is probably more than sufficient and your GPA looks good, as well.

In addition to studying for the MCAT while you’re waiting to apply, you could also work on things like shadowing and volunteering if you don’t already have those.

Welcome and good luck!

I agree with the above

Do volunteering and shadowing, Volunteer at anything

Mary, no need to apologize. Thank you for the heads up.

I asked about volunteering and received responses indicating that it is very important. I do have certificates through the years for volunteering with military organizations, schools, etc. None have hours listed, nor have I kept track. My oldest(a new teen) and I will be working with the Red Cross this summer.

I have at least 2 years before I can attend school so I have time to study up for the MCAT and get more volunteer time to boot. My husband and I have agreed that I shouldn’t attend while he is on active duty since he’s not around much and school would take so much of my time.

I am determined to go to medical school but am wondering if anyone struggled with the idea of how much time school would take from the family, particularly with children entering into the teen years? I’m in that window where I can wait up to 4 more years before my oldest credits become >10yrs old, but I have to wait at least 2; and I am considering waiting as much as 6-8 years so that my kids can get through high school before I go off into the great abyss. I’m looking forward to it but know myself enough to know that I’ll be almost obsessive about it once I get there.

Another question I have is what to study in the interim? I still have all my A&P, chem, heme, medical micro, serology, and related books from school. I hoard educational material, or so my better half says. I still need to pickup my physics requirement and will probably take biochem to satisfy my minor in chemistry. I’m willing to purchase books that are required reading and would be willing to study textbooks that are currently being used.

I know I have alot of questions, sorry but that’s my MO.

Thanks again for the input and heads up. You are all great and I’m glad to have found a resource such as this.


Am I completely off my rocker to think that I would be competitive with C’s in Organic Chem I/II and Cal I? I have a 3.8 GPA overall and graduated with honors. I love physics but haven’t been able to get to it yet. I plan to take it fall 08. I’d like to pick up biochem also. I am reviewing my basic chem and still have both my books to work from. Should I retake those organic classes or just leave it? Is there something I can or should do to make up for those C’s?

I’m excited to hear what everyone has to say in DC. I’m not too far away so I’ll be there.