Got my palm read--no kidding!

I was just in one of those moods. You know like everyone else, I work, go to school-work very hard in school, read this forum, give advice, take advice. . . but I saw this little sign in a shop window, Palm Readings $15.00 for 15 minutes. Hell I had just gotten paid (even worked some overtime), and I knew it would be throwing good money away but I was in a mood and I had never had my palm read and I just wanted to see what this guy with 27years of palm reading experience would say. Mind you, I have never met this person before.
So I went in, my hands were totally bare (I took off my wedding band prior to this appt.) Well I was totally blown away! He told me about me being married twice (which is true, I was widowed at 25 and remarried at 30), he was right on the money about my personality, and then he was intently looking at my hands and told me that I have above avg. intelligence and that I am on some journey (he didn’t know what) that is very stressful but rewarding. And then he said more things that were pretty accurate.
At the conclusion of this reading, I did tell him about my dream of being a physician and this journey I’m on. He studied my hands again and told me that he felt I would be successful in reaching my goal.
Of course, I can say that naturally he’s going to say something positive to get paid, but it was uncanny how accurate this guy was. Anyway it was fun and it seems that everything is pointing in the right direction. But I knew that even without having my palm read! biggrin.gif

the marriage thing is a good assumption since over 50% of the pop is married more than once. THe band left a ring and he noticed it.
The journey thing is so vague you should have gotten it. They throw the stuff out there because everyone is on some journey. Now had he said “you’re changing careers and going into healthcare”, I would say you had cause to be excited.
It was fun though and it wasn’t a total waste from that standpoint.