Got Published!!!!!

laugh.gif I just received word that our paper (my co-workers and I) was accepted by the International Journal of Cancer. It should be out soon. I am author #3 on this one!!!!!

Congratulations! That’s awesome news! biggrin.gif


care to give us a preview … tell us about the project, your role and how you came to be third author ?

Right On!!!

smile.gif I work as a Sr. Research Technician at a Cancer Hospital in NYC. The paper was based on a project in which we were screening a group of people that have Hereditary Non-Polyposis Colorectal Cancer or HNPCC-Like.
We were screening the hMSH6 gene for possible cancer causing mutations. We ruled this gene out from this phenotype.
I am author #3 because I did about 95% of the screening work by designing the experiments, doing about 85% of the data analysis and putting together a good part of the data base. All I needed to do was write part of the paper and I would have made #2, but that was for one of my bosses to do.
As soon as I get the citation, I will post it.

Congrats! biggrin.gif I can’t wait to see the link to your article.

laugh.gif That is exciting news!!!!
Congratulations on your success, I wish you more and more and more success!!!! wink.gif

That's great news! Getting any sort of authorship can be tough. Congratualtions- fantastic work!

It’s great to see someone living a little piece of my dream! biggrin.gif