GPA boosting advice, please

Here is my GPA:
science: 2.13
non-science: 3.17
overall: 2.75
science: 4.0

The undergrad science GPA consists of prereqs only. If you were me (I’m sure you are glad you aren’t rolleyes.gif ), would you:
a) retake prereqs for A’s
cool.gif continue taking grad level science courses
c) something else
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Hey OL,
A few questions first. How old are your pre-reqs? Depending on the age you may have to retake them regardless. How good/bad did you do on them in the first place? What science classes did you take in grad school? Were they upper division undergraduat courses or graduate level only classes?
If you got B's in the classes I would not retake them (providing that they are not too old). If you scraped by with C- I would probably retake them.
If the science classes you took as a grad student were upper division undergrad classes they may demonstrate adequately to the adcoms that you really do understand the material and will work to be succesfull. If they are grad only classes I think that adcoms sometimes think that there is grade inflation occurring and may not give them as much weight!
That's my nickels worth based on your post! Good luck!

Hi DMaes - thanks for the reply…The undergrad prereqs were mostly Cs, a few Bs unsure.gif
The grad classes were a mix of upper level undergrad and grad level, but most ULU…I am leaning towards retaking the prereqs, sinse they are such a mess.
They are a bit old - almost 10 yrs, but I haven’t been able to find anything in info about med school admissions about classes having to be recent. If this is the case, then do you still have to report the oldest grades that they do not accept, or are they dropped altogether?

Hello. Check with medical schools you are interested in applying to and see what their age limits are on prereqs. I think most schools have either a 5- or 7-year limit on prereqs so I think you may have to retake everything regardless of your GPA. Sorry. But, double check with your med schools…b/c I am expert on…umm…nothing. tongue.gif

grades for all classes you have ever taken (and transcripts) are required.
how repeated classes are included in GPA is dependent on who is doing the calculating (see AACOMAS, AMCAS GPA threads)