GPA calculation

Hello all!

Here is my situation, I was an undergrad 10 years ago and got a Bachelor’s in Linguistics. I had an average GPA, took chemistry and that was the extent of my science coursework. I also hold a Master’s in Speech Therapy and had a great GPA. I am now heading back to school and completing all the pre-med requirements with a DIY Post-Bacc. I am doing well in school now, but am kind of confused as to how my GPA will inevitably be calculated, and need some help. Will these courses be considered part of my undergraduate GPA or a post-bacc GPA since I am not in a formal program? Where will my Master’s GPA fit into this? I try to use the AMCAS calculator but there is not enough space for all the courses I have taken (forever a college student). Also, like I said, I am not sure if I should calculate the classes I am taking now into my Bachelor’s work or Post-Bacc work. I know GPA is not everything, and there is more to the application. I just want to know what I am working with going into the application inevitably. Thank you for any advice in advance.

Howdy, jacqueline_m! I honestly believe that it’s a “it depends” answer. Some schools, for example, calculate the post-bacc GPA within your undergraduate GPA. TMDSAS, for example, has at least nine ways they calculate GPA. You can find how they parse it out in their Application Handbook

As far as AMCAS, here is the statement from the 2020 Applicant Guide: “AMCAS GPAs are reported to medical schools for each Academic Status (HS [high school], FR [freshman], SO [sophomore], JR [junior], SR [senior], PB [postbaccalaureate], and GR [graduate]). In addition, two separate GPAs are calculated for coursework listed as BCPM (biology, chemistry, physics, and math) or AO (all other). Postbaccalaureate coursework is included in the Undergraduate Total GPA, as well as in a separate Postbaccalaureate GPA.”

Hope that helps!

Thank you so very much! This is very helpful to me, I know that GPA is not everything but it is also a gateway to secondary apps, etc. So I want to know what I am working with and was so confused but I think your explanation sums it up. I appreciate it.