GPA Calulators

I just used one of those GPA calculators…put in my cumulative GPA and what I wanted and it told me how many credit hours I had to take at what to get that and it seems hopeless. My current cumulative GPA is like a 2.35 which I know is horrible. With grade forgiveness it wasn’t so bad…and since I seriously decided to pursue medical school it’s great. But I’m just feeling like this today…especially after that. The admissions advisor that I spoke to at OU told me that the class has an average GPA of 3.77 but they do accept candidates with a lower GPA but their MCATS are really high which is feasible…but I don’t want to completely bank on that. I have read through some of the archives and I know there are some success stories of people who had really bad low cum GPA’s and made it…so I guess I’ll go searching for those stories and read them a hundred times.

Just keep swimming…just keep swimming…

Hang in there Rhonda! DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED!!

Keep fighting, IF this is what you want, YOU WILL GET THERE!!

That’s right, sing Dori Sing!

It’s just an elephant. Nothing more. Just an elephant. Remember to chew.

Now you know what you need to accomplish. Set that as your goal and do it. My last chemistry professor was really big into quantum physics and the relation of it to the psyche. She would tell you to create your reality. “Be the A” … oddly enough, it worked…yes, I know it sounds strange, but, if you tell yourself you can do it, over and over again, you will convince yourself.

Don’t give up!!! You can still ace the MCAT!

I’m not giving up. I can’t do that, I just feel as though everything is coming at me at once. I feel like my S.O. is slowly becoming less than supportive, it’s winter here (I’m used to sunny Florida winters), but I’m not giving up…if that’s one thing I’m good at it’s being the one who keeps going. And plus I have this fantastic forum to vent to!!!