GPA Question

Hi everyone,

I’m just wondering at what point nasty old grades stop haunting you. I am starting fresh this year academically, so I am entering at least four years of undergrad coursework. I have nearly 100 credits from a tech college with a GPA of 3.45 and 1 awful quarter at a CC from 2005 with a GPA of 2.78 from 11 credits. Two of those were 5 credit humanities courses, I got an A in one, and just barely passed the second because I was dumb enough to enter into it from the waitlist halfway through a summer quarter. During that quarter, I was working 60+ hours per week as a single parent…

If I maintain near perfect grades this time, the whole way through, will my GPA come out ok? Can I fix this?

I asked a similar question … Quick answer …they will always be there … You might be able to replace some with better grades (DO Schools Only) … go here for more answers…


Unfortunately, grades will haunt you forever. I am still holding on to a few "F"s from years ago… After getting over the realization that those "f"s will never dissapear, my only other option was to do the best I could my 2nd time around (which I’m still in the middle of…)

from your first set of credits, did you earn a degree?

I don’t think I actually failed anything, at least not at college level. I failed a pre-college level math class in college once (due to attendance). I got one D+ in environmental law 1 (and an A in env law 2) at the school where I earned 3.45 GPA. This was the two year program, and my second time ever attending college. At the other school I got a low C in a humanities course and a high D in a p.e. elective. This was one quarter, and my first time ever attending any schooling since grade school.

At the tech college, I did not earn a degree. Due to difficult circumstances, I wasn’t able to complete the degree requirements outside of the tech program, and ZERO of those credits are transferable to anywhere, since it was a technical program. I have one year of pre-college level math before I can earn any degree. I will be working on any prerequisites (for chem classes, etc) that I can squish in with that math. Despite never attending high school, I don’t have any pre-college level English requirements because I tested outside of high school level at 12. Fall quarter, I’ll be taking an English comp. course. I recently learned that the UW (my state school) has pretty strict requirements about high school English coursework and as a result, I might have to apply out of state to transfer to a university. Frustrating, but it won’t stop me.

I will be at least 32 by the time I can take the MCAT.