GPA Scale adjustment

Hi Everyone,

This may have been asked but I have not been able to find much.
My undergrad GPA was scaled according to the photo below. This seems to be more stringent for A’s than most other schools so Im wondering if this will be reflected in my application. I know AAMC converts grades but I did not see any conversion similar to this on their site. Is there anything i can do to communicate this to admissions?

Any feedback is appreciated thanks!

Looking at this the first thing that comes to mind is what about those folks making a 60-79… poor guys are just gradeless. But on a serious note, AMCAS atleast doesn’t often deviate too far from the applicants grading scale at their institution and for this reason they have several different grade conversion guides. The “B- = 2.67” cuttoff isn’t as uncommon as you think. If you Goolge: AMCAS® Application Grade Conversion Guide this scale should be listed as one of the first ones. There’s no need to communicate that to admissions. They will see the institution where course work is completed and receive 1000s of applications from 100s of schools. They know a Harvard vs local community college may have different grading scales and criteria, and at some medical school rank and prestige of the undergraduate institution may be taken into account. Most medical schools however, are simply looking for how the applicant preformed at the institution they attended.

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