Hi Everyone,

This is a question about GPA. I have a 3.73 GPA for undergrad (major in Finance) and 3.46 for grad (MBA). Will the grad GPA lower my overall GPA when I apply the med school? I graduated from college when I was 19 and got my MBA at 21. (Of course I didn’t know what I really want at that time). Will this be sth good or bad on my application? I am just a little nervous about the whole process. Maybe I think too much. Any advice from you? Thank you.

I believe the graduate GPA is kept separate. They do combine all undergrad courses (original and postbacc) into an overall undergrad GPA.

Can’t change what’s in the past, so don’t lose too much sleep over it. For AMCAS schools (I can’t speak for any others), your UG and Grad GPAs are calculated and displayed separately, so schools will be able to make their own decisions.

I was wondering if you are going to take pre-med courses before applying? You have to account for the GPA of those courses as well.

Yes, I am taking the pre-req classes right now. Hopefully I will be able to raise my GPA to 3.8.


Your GPAs are fine. Not saying that you don’t need to do well in the pre-reqs, because you do, but focus more on doing the best you can and less on the numbers. Numbers are not the only important thing in the application process. There are more than a few 40 MCAT, >3.8 GPAs out there who haven’t gotten in to med school, and you would probably be surprised at the number of people who have been accepted to med school with what most would consider very poor overall GPAs.

Thank you for reminding me this. You are absolutly right. GPA is not the only thing that is important in the process. I’ve wanted to be a doctor since I had memory. I’ve been through a lot to get to where I am now. That’s why I am a little nervous. And I feel GPA is the only thing that I can control.

Helensun, I would submit to you that far more is under your control. In the same way that you study hard to do well in your prereqs, you will prepare hard for the MCATs and take them when you know you are ready. If you are consistently getting decent practice scores, you are highly UNlikely to totally bomb the real thing.

Similarly, your application package is something that you control. You will cultivate good relationships with your professors so that they can write you glowing letters of recommendation. You can seek out volunteer opportunities that excite you so that you write about them with passion. You can start working on a personal statement months before you actually submit it - and put it through several edits, show it to friends, and polish it to a fine sheen before it is submitted.

There is a good deal of randomness in the final outcome of this adventure, yes. But I would liken it to white-water canoeing: you DO have a paddle, you WILL be able to exert some control.


Thank you, Mary, for the understanding and the encouragement. I will sure remember every word you said while I am moving forward on this journey.