Grad courses factor into science gpa?

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I’ve seen hints of this question answered, but its not completely clear so I’m asking again. Are graduate grades (in the appropriate courses) factored into the science gpa?

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The graduate courses go into a separate line in the AMCAS grade grid. To take a look at it follow this link and look at page 2; you’ll see that the BCPM (biology, chemistry, physics and math) GPA is scrutinized in many different ways, year by year during undergrad and then in any postbac (undergraduate level) courses and finally the cumulative undergraduate-level BCPM GPA. Graduate science/math courses appear after that, in their own line.


The more important question is how much weight will the graduate science courses count.

Generally schools will note the undergrad sGPA/BCPM primarily.

If your graduate science is part of a post-bacc at the masters, it will likely carry more weight. If it is a hard core science MS, it will carry some but there seems to be a general perception that grad school grades are given A/B most times so that dilutes their value

A somewhat related question: I’m in a PhD program but have also been taking undergraduate-level coursework - so even though I’m a graduate student, the credit is for an undergraduate course, and the grading is exactly the same as for all the other undergrad students (although, unofficially, the professors are a little harder on the grad students). Importantly, I am hoping to take a few of my prerequisites (such as Orgo 1 and 2) this way.

Any ideas how these courses would be interpreted?

Are the courses considered part of the grad program or are you just taking hem while going to grad school too? If it’s the former, that would be interesting and you may want to call AMCAS to ask how to put them into the application. If it’s the latter, you can just create 2 different school entries and select post-bacc non-degree program when you enter in the undergrad level courses. You may be able to do that in both cases, but it would detract from your grad school credits and someone may perceive it incorrectly at first glance.

I think in the long run, it wouldn’t matter what they’re classified under as long as the courses are completed. The only issue would be your undergrad gpa breakout.