Grade dispute: Mary suggested I ask you guys...

I spoke with an advisor at the first university I attended way back where I plan to go back to take my BCPM courses. She reports that the transcript shows I made a D in Inorganic Chemistry I but the transcript from the university I finished out my degree at shows I made a C. I remember that semester(an absolute nightmare) and know that I did come out with a C in that course. A couple of years after I took Inorganic II at a CC and made an A so I don’t want to go back and retake the first just to show a better grade when I’m ready for OChem. The university that says I made a D states that there is no minimum passing grade for the lower level Chems to move on to the next(very odd). Knowing a C isn’t great but would be ten times better than a D, what would you recommend I do that might lead me to getting the higher grade posted on my transcript?

Thanks a bunch.

If you have proof you made a C then have them correct the grade. Contact the professor and have them make the change. I had a couple of "F"s which were wrong and freaked the hell out. I called the school and they wouldn’t budge. I contacted the professor and they were so nonchalant about it and got on the computer and had the grade changed without problem.