Grade Inflation

I learned something new today, it’s called “grade inflation” or lack of. I didn’t realize that some/all Universities look at high schools and junior colleges and make adjustments for GPA’s. For example, I am told by my science advisor that Enumclaw High Schools 3.6 is adjusted by UW to around a 2.7. That is what they anticipate a HS from Enumclaw to receive their first quarter at UW. Supposedly, my Jr. College has a very slight adjustment factor. (So, if I maintain a 4.0, then maybe it will count for a 3.5?)I am trying to locate that information. Any suggestions? Or thoughts on the whole GPA adjustment?

Mostly, I thought this was interesting. I thought I would share it with you all.

I have found this article:…

This article: 6/w…

I would love to see some hard and fast numbers.

Well, that would make doing great on the MCAT all the more important if you go to a 2-yr school. They can, I guess, adjust your GPA, but the MCAT is what it is…the great equalizer.

Hi Kimberly,

Although I can’t speak to how grade adjustments are done, I can tell you why they are done and is a sad testament to the state of education. At a school in my city I found out that the valedictorian (all A’s) will NOT be getting into college because she can’t get a satisfactory score on her SAT’s. As an educator I can speak directly to the pressure teachers feel to literally give grades away- it was expected of me and I refused, and I was very unpopular afterwards. Or, like what was done in the school where I last taught, just throw everyone in an AP class with its 5.0 grade scale not because they can actually pass the AP, but so that it boosts schoolwide GPA- that extra 1.0 covers up for a multitude of sins. And that same district has a reputation of sending lots of its high school grads to the local state university and up to 90% of said students drop out. They’re ‘addressing’ the issue. Yeah, right.

But I’m glad to see that colleges are fixing that problem. So please understand that your situation is not your fault, perhaps some nonsense like what I mentioned above has happened in the district from which you graduated and UW caught on.

I am pleased that our Premed advisors at the CC felt that this was important enough to disclose. It was good information to know that it is only ever-so-slightly adjusted at the University level. I would have panicked if they said there was a HUGE adjustment. However, it is just another reason to never let my guard down and let the grades drop.

I posted this information for anyone that surf’s this site that is trying to decide between CC and University for their classes. It would have made a difference in my decision.

Also, some 4 year’s absolutely insist on having 2 quarters/years of a foreign language before they will admit. The CC is offering an intensive language study this summer. 2 quarters in 1. Now, I am freed up to transfer to a 4 year if need be. Phew!