Grades this semester

Hi everyone,

I usually write when I get worried about my GPA, but today I write because my grades were better ( though only a tad) than what I expected. I made an A in physics, an A in Ochem I Lab and a B( as opposed to a B-) in OchemI. My science GPA stands at 3.53. It is not a 4.0, but I know I have to keep working on it. I will say that I worked very hard this semester, and it makes me happy that I did. I was very encouraged time and again by your insight and encouragement, for which I am very grateful. Thank you.

AWESOME!!! Congrats on your work paying off. Continued success as you move into next semester.

Well done physio. Keep it up. At 3.5, your chances are increasing.

Congrats, that is great! Share some study tips. what helped you with achieving the A’s?

Grats, Physio!!!

Thanks all. As for studying tips, I think I really tried to understand the concepts. It gets so frustrating with stressing about grades, but at the end it is just fascinating science. I think I do better with applying it to everyday things.

My first science class was average. A good old “B”/“B+”. I have already started preparing for my next Chemistry class.

Congratulations, Physio! I also seem to do better when I apply the scientific concepts to everyday things or when I look for ways to understand the topic in a bigger context. My favorite way of “studying” is to watch the science shows on PBS. :slight_smile:

Well done! I scored an A in Physics II past semester and celebrated with a sushi dinner and lots of cheer. I share your enthusiasm and I know how you feel (I had a B in Phys I and I know how hard it is to get that A).

Yeah, congrats on those A’s as well.

I just got my grades back for Chem I and Evolutionary Bio, B and B+ respectively.

Two down and six to go (hopefully those will be A’s).

Is Evolutionary Bio the same as General Bio with Lab? Are you counting that as one of the required sciences? I believe, correct me if I am wrong, that the Biology classes have to be General Bio w/ lab. Just curious if there was another way around the eight required classes (Gen. Chem 1&2, Gen BIO 1&2, Org Chem 1&2, Pysics 1&2).


You would have to ask at the particular school you are attending. There does seem to be some flexibility on the bio requirement. If your school does not have a particular “pre-med” bio sequence, I would ask what courses pre-meds typically take. I would also look at the MCAT biology topics and take courses that will cover a great deal of that material. You definitely want cell biology of some sort. A lot of pre-med bio sequences include plant bio, which isn’t all that helpful for the MCAT, unfortunately.

Yup, Evolutionary Bio is the general Bio I for my school. (I was worried when I signed up for that very reason).

I attend a large university that also has a medical school, and Evolutionary Bio is part I of the general Bio sequence.

Next semester is the typical Cell Biology.