Im really concerned about the classes I have C’s in…I have about 3 more years of school to go and MCAT until I can apply to med school, should i be really worried or will getting better grades in the next 3 years and doing great on the MCAT help me out? My C’s are in CC classes. Not going to a four year until next year, any comments would be appreciated thank you!!!

It’s hard to say without your overall GPA. Ideally, you should have a 3.5+ by the time you actually apply.

Where you take pre-meds is not as relevant as you might think. The fact that you have C’s in your first year means that you really need to buckle down and push for A’s.

You’re fine. Just start working hard, and you’ll be okay.

What classes are you taking?

Im currently taking Sociology and a computer class, the classes i got C’s in were like art and 2 bio classes, and an english class ( thats alot of C’s in my opinion) I

You can still pull it together. Don’t give up. Reassess your study habits and try a different method.