Graduated with Degree in Business, Desiring a Change of Direction

Hello, as the title of this topic states, I graduated college with a business degree and I am trying to switch directions to the medical field. My grades were lacking in college mostly because of a lack of interest in business courses. I graduated with a 2.7 GPA. I would like to know if anyone has advice for me about how exactly to go about this desired change. Would a second bachelor’s in biology or pre-med be a choice I should consider? or would a “do-it-yourself” informal post-bac pre-med program be the preferred option? Is there anything else I should consider? I am open to all forms of advice, as I really feel lost right now in the business world. Thanks.

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The first thing to ask yourself, I think, is whether you’re running to medicine or from business. At some point fairly early in this path - and frequently throrughout - you’ll want to reassess things to be sure that this is truly the path for you.

Of course, sometimes that can be hard to say for sure, especially early on. What type of medical experience/exposure do you have? What makes you want to start this marathon?

You have some good ideas on the route already. I am an advocate of an informal post-bacc. Having graduated with a 2.5 (in Psych) and worked for ~5 years, I started back at school part time and move to full. I ended up taking about 1.5 years of part time coursework and 1-year of full time.

You’ll also want to get some medical experience. Do what you can to find shadowing, volunteer options, or whatever can get you some exposure to the field. These can be surprisingly tricky to nail down - but again, you’ll definitely want to be sure this is the path for you.

In the meantime, peruse the forums here - there’s a lot of great info. And good luck!

I like what Adam had to say. I would start off getting some volunteer experience so you know if you really want to do be a doctor or maybe something else in the medical field all together.

I am like Adam, and did an informal post-bac. If you are really concerned with your grades, why not start off as an informal post-bac, take your MCATs, and if it turns out your GPA is still an issue, continue on taking those upper level biology courses and pursue that second degree. First thing first though, is to determine if this is really what you want. Ask the questions Adam raised now so you don’t begin something you will regret you did not in a year or two.

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I believe Adam’s advice is sound. I also have a Business degree, a little bit higher GPA than you (just below a 3.0), and have started an informal post-bacc route. I have actually left a rather large family business in order to do this. If you find medicine is your passion, then pursue it. But, only after you are sure you want to start, as Adam says, the marathon.

Get some volunteer experience, talk to some doctors, shadow if you have time, find out more about classes in your area. And of course, positive reinforcement from family and friends is always a good thing.