Graduating Early and Applying Early

I’m a first-year pre-med Nutrition student, but I came into college with nearly 45 AP credits, so I can graduate a year early (with only taking 12-13 credits/semester). Everyone has told me that I should add a minor or take extra classes and graduate in Fall 2020 instead of spring 2020 and apply for admission for Fall 2021 instead of Fall 2020. I would really like to go straight into medical school after I graduate, though, so I am thinking about applying next spring for Fall 2020. I am just concerned about my extracurriculars; I didn’t realize I wanted to be a doctor until this past fall, so I haven’t gotten involved in any pre-med clubs or shadowing or research or volunteering yet. I plan on starting research and volunteering very soon, but I am worried that if I apply in about a year, I won’t have enough extracurriculars on my application.

I am also worried about the MCAT. I am planning on taking it next spring and there’s really no room for error if I don’t do well on that attempt since I’m trying to send in my application as early as possible. I’m not sure how studying is going to go yet since I’ll be taking o-chem 2 and biochem that semester as well.

I guess I’m just wondering, what do you all think? I really want to graduate on time without taking a gap year, but are my extracurriculars going to be too weak? Will it be too hard to study for the MCAT while taking those difficult courses next spring?