I graduated last week–June 7.

Here are some pictures including one of me:…

and here’s the speech I gave:…

It’s been an incredible journey from when I started reading the OldPreMeds yahoo groups listserv (yes, youngsters, it used to be just an email list, without all these fancy web doo-dads), worrying about how I was going to get through o. chem…

And now the next journey begins. June 13 is the start of orientation; June 23 is the start of internship.


Congrats, Joe. Good luck with transitioning to residency.

Congratulations, Joe!

Congratulations, Dr. Wright! Where is your residency? In Massachusetts, or are you making another move?

Congrats Joe!

CONGRATS Dr. Wright! I am honored to count you as one of my colleagues. The journey is still long & still so sweet - the best is yet to come for you.

Congrats Joe!!! You are definitely one of OPM’s greatest inspirations.


Congrats Joe!

On another note…it’s a sad day when you find typos even at Hahvahd.

“Marcia Atkins (left) shows she’s proud of her neice, HST grad Richelle Williams.”

…yeah I know but I need something to do when not re-editing the edit of the last edition of the draft of a new grant…

Congratulations! Wonderful speech. I hope you continue to post and to correspond on NPR - I’ve enjoyed both a great deal.

Joe, congratulations and welcome to the next and most exhilarating chapter yet in your adventure. I am happy for you and honored to know you!


Thanks all! I’m headed to my first day of ACLS training this morning.

Matt, my residency will be at Beth Israel Deaconess in Boston–staying in our same apartment, same route to work, etc. I’ll be in the primary care track of the internal medicine program.

more soon!