Great Board

I’ve been reading this board off and on for about a year. I saw one earlier comment on how friendly the tone of the board is and I have to agree. My undergraduate days were loaded with heavy competition in the pre-med courses. As with anyone else, I am looking for a little advice. I don’t want to repeat questions that lead to some of the great advice that I read already.

I am definitely a little older than most of the posts that I’ve seen. And my sincere and long burning interest in Med School is predicated off a major life change. Divorce has meant that the most important thing in my life walked out the door just about a year ago. Ending a 20 year relationship provides me the opportunity to look at what was the 2nd most important thing, Medical School. I went though a mish-mash of completing my pre-med requirements as an undergrad and then collecting courses in a relocation to Vermont back in the early 90’s. I did very well undergrad with a Philosophy degree (3.9) and that included some of my science core. Overall science core for Med-School was about 3.4 with post grad courses. MCAT was about 9 to 10 range (I hate standardized tests!!!). I have a big job now, 6 figures, travel the globe and a good deal of responsibility. I am looking for any advice on a few areas.

Any thoughts as to how schools might look at a post divorce/life-changer applicant? It is the only real reason I have an opportunity to go back now.

I’ve done my courses, but no doubt am very rusty. What is the timeline for the courses and application? I am assuming I need to do them all again, right?

Finally, how old is too old? I know nobody would post a drop dead age that you can no longer apply. But there must be some realistic trends where most schools would not really consider you a viable candidate.

Thanks and great board… my compliments to the originators for an excellent and needed forum for us.

I don’t see why being divorced would have any impact on your application, that would be discriminatory as hell if they factored that in.

The usual timeline for most medical schools is that you have to have taken the pre-med reqs in the last 5-7 years. Some schools don’t have any time requirements, however. I would recommend that you look at the med schools you want to apply to and see what their requirements are.

I haven’t yet seen an age that is too old! Some of the people on here are in their forties and are either applying, pre-med, or already practicing and/or in residency.

If that is your correct age (37) then you have nothing to worry about. I would recommend retaking the prereqs. If possible do a postbacc. Not necessarily a formal one but knock the courses out in a year and take your MCAT and have at it. You could be starting school before your 40th birthday.


I’m in a similar boat, but I’m a little older than you are! I’m 42, divorced and retaking classes that are older than my oldest son… I’m enrolled in a post-bac program and tried to plan this out for the past 10 years. Your divorce should not hold any bearing on your ability to enter and succeed in medical school!

Good luck to you!

I’m 43, DIVORCED, and in my first year of med school. Contact schools that interest you for their policy on retaking courses. You’ll almost certainly need to retake bio, and you may be rusty enough to re-take the chemistry classes. Some may not care if you re-take physics, and if you find it comes back to you, you may be able to re-teach it to yourself if you are pretty independent. Or you may at least be able to skip the labs (yay!)

Welcome to OPM!