Great online video resource

Ya’ll may know about this guy, or you may not. But I started reading Organic Chemistry Demystified yesterday, and was having a helluva time grasping sp3 hybridization, but this guy’s youtube video set me straight. Highly recommended.

I haven’t taken Org Chem yet but a book that is highly touted is Organic Chemistry as a Second Language. It has high remarks on Amazon and I plan on punishing myself with this book prior to taking the actual course.

What a phenomenal resource! Thanks for the link.

I highly recommend the Organic Chemistry as a Second Language books! I used them constantly during my 2 semesters of orgo. I’ve even been using them in biochem II to brush up on my carbonyl mechanisms. They’re a great resource to keep around!

I have also used the Organic Chemistry as a Second Language books by D. Klein for Org Chem 1 and currently in Org Chem 2. I find the books to be very useful and they help simplify some of the more difficult concepts in organic chemistry. I believe using the book helped me get an A in Org Chem 1 and I’m hoping to do the same for Org 2.

I highly recommend using the books in addition to your regular textbook.

Good luck!

Thanks guys! Firing up the kindle!

Hi all, I thought I would pitch in some resources too.

Khan Academy was great for me when I was studying Bio. I haven’t used it for much else but I assume it’s great for other things.

The Second Language books–these should be required texts! – these are online courses, I think about $100 each – very good if you need to brush on a subject before the MCAT. – this guy teaches in NYC. He has some audio downloads geared toward MCAT review–I listen to them when I commute, clean, cook. They are not sufficient when you are taking a class but good for keeping MCAT material in your mind all the time.

Good luck!

Khan is good. Another good youtube free resource is available under freelanceteach. All of his examples include resolving mistakes that most students make.