Great OPM Conference this year!!!!

I just wanted to post to the OPM forum about this year’s OPM conference. For those of you who weren’t able to attend, PLEASE make every effort to attend next year’s conference in Chicago! Also, next year will be OPM’s Tenth Annual Conference so I have a feeling you will not be disappointed! This is my second conference with OPM and the information that I took home from the conference this weekend is INVALUABLE!!! We were blessed to hear from some AWESOME speakers on Friday and Saturday. We were able to hear varying experiences of attending physicians, residents, recent medical school graduates and current medical school students. We also had reps there from both AAMC and AACOMAS and different MD and DO medical schools admissions reps were there as well. I was also fortunate to make the acquaintance of some really great OPM members with awesome backgrounds and goals! I’m sure that we’ll stay in touch and provide support to one another throughout the journey of becoming a physician.

Thanks OPM for a highly informative conference this year and I look forward to the next one!


I was so impressed with very knowledgeable and inspiring people I met this weekend. Thanks OPM staff for putting together such an informative, helpful and fun conference!

To the Board of OPM

Thank you for putting on a great conference!!! I learnt so much and being able to meet people face to face was invaluable!

Can’t wait until next year!


To the OPM Board members, speakers, and exhibitors

Thank you for the wonderful conference! It was great meeting everyone and the wealth of information provided is invaluable!


The 2009 Washington DC conference was very eye-opening. It was a rare opportunity to see how physicians practice medicine. The details were very informative, in terms of third, fourth year rotations; residencies in family practice and hospitalist medicine; surviving medical school and USMLE step 1, MCATs; and medical economics. This was definitely a strong motivator for me.

Many thanks to:

Dr. Tara Cook,

Dr. Denise Babin,

Dr. Jeff Jarvis,

Dr. Judy McElhiney,

Dr. Mary Renard,

Dr. Gabe Lerman, and

Richard Levey.

Luke P Immes

I agree with all of the above. This conference was highly invaluable with regard to strategies related to applying to medical school in addition to hearing the experiences of those that have walked the path ahead of us.

Patiently waiting on the story of Dr. Shit Magnet.


Conference was great!!!

Meeting so many people with different backgrounds and in different stages of their medical career pursuit was very inspirational to say the least. Being new to this board I was bit skeptical of it being actually a real thing. What can I say – “Doubting Thomas”.

Nevertheless I am really glad this conference was held and I had privilege of attending it and hearing some encouraging stories and learning more about the becoming-a-doctor path

If you read Dave’s Diary, you will read the story of how he is known as “Dr. Shit Magnet” because he is such a black cloud, so much so that when he was a fellow, residents would trade call to not be on call with him. However, I feel that certain types of people attract that black cloud and reputation. How do they attract it? When the nurse calls, certain people will go evaluate the patient and open a can of worms that just compounds work onto your already busy call…

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Patiently waiting on the story of Dr. Shit Magnet.


Precisely what do you want to know about me?

I definately agree with everything that has been said. I would say invaluable is the perfect word used to describe the OPM conference. It certainly gave me plenty to think about. The perspectives of the speakers, represented schools and attendees provided a wealth of information. I’d like to thank the OPM committee that put this conference together.

I’m definitely planning on it next year…had timing and money (especially $$$$), worked out differently, I would have been there.

I agree with everyone. It was fantastick and I’m thankful for all the work that everyone did to make it happen. I look forward to next year.


It’s been said but again thank you! thank you! thank you all the presenters for the extremely informative conference.