Great positive site!

Im a 36 year old sales rep for the last 12 years that got laid off and has a burning desire to study nutrition and medicine. I am so glad I found others in the same boat as me. I was thinking after 2 years of pre reqs the I might be too old…but hey, Im going to get old anywas right?

I am new to this forum, and would also like to know if there are good reputable programs to study for the MCAT? and also any tips for finding a part time job in health care when I have been in sales for too long? An Im hoping this dream can come ture.

Hi, sdf. Welcome to the site!

There are a couple reputable programs for MCAT study of which I’m aware–Princeton and Kaplan both have organized courses which include materials, lectures, and practice tests. I don’t have much to offer in the line of getting a part-time job in healthcare. Have you checked the employment sites for hospitals and clinics in your area? The would be entry-level positions but perhaps you might have an in if they know you are wanting to eventually become a physician? As you’ve probably seen all over this site, you will really want to have strong performance in your pre-med coursework, so keep this in mind as you’re looking to manage your time.

Best of luck to you! Keep searching the forum for answers to your questions (and questions you may not even thought to ask) and if you’re not finding your answers keep posting them and you will hopefully get much feedback.

Its a bit overwhelming, but I feel good knowing that I don’t have a husband or kids to worry about. But, I will be close to 39 when applying to med school. Is that way too late?

only if you want it to be

I don’t fell old at all, in fact I am so excited to start my new life I can’t wait for classes to begin. And volunteering at the childrens hospital too:)