Great Resource at CC

I joined the TRIO (aka SSS) program. It is a Federal program. It is worth seeing if it is in your CC, not sure if it is in University. They have a formula for acceptance. I know of:

  1. 1st generation striving for a 4 year degree

  2. Income based

  3. Merit based

  4. Disability

    They offer:

  5. Tutoring!!! Example: my grades are good. I am always Honor Roll. That being said, the Financial Aid office messed up and my classes were dropped. I now have to take a Math Lab. I do not like do-it-yourself. TRIO is hiring me a regular tutor to ease the bumps and ensure high marks. The tutoring could come in handy for heavy memorization classes when you need someone to quiz you and your spouse does not want to do that for an hour.

  6. They loan books every quarter. I will be able to get 1 book from them, at least. This in itself saves a lot of moolah. I may even be able to get my Chem book through them.

  7. Scholarships

  8. In depth advising. They only work with 200 students a year, in my program. They write LOR’s for transfers and scholarship apps. They help with the relationships between students and instructors. They assist in obtaining scholarships.

    They also hire tutors within their program. So, if you are above a 3.5 you may tutor others and it is 6-16 hours a week. So, this might be a nice little job.

    I am finding this program to be amazing. I suggest anyone in a CC inquire into this program. Take care.

    PS I would like to know if anyone does seek out this program and find it helpful. Thanks.

This sounds heavenly! I’ll start asking around, even though I’m almost finished with my pre-reqs. Thanks for the tip!