Great shadowing opportunity (warning! sappy post)

This is so exciting for me, I wanted to let everyone know about it. Tonight I get to begin shadowing a great physician who I really respect and admire. This man is truly my inspiration. He is 71 years old, still going strong, he loves his patients and they love him. They always have for as long as I can remember. I love him too. He’s my dad.
He is the Founder and Director of a small free clinic in North Central Arkansas. He “retired” from the VA hospital several years ago, even though he still works a couple of days a week. Immediately upon retirement, he began soliciting community support for the clinic. The community got behind him, and now the clinic is open two nights a week. One night is solely devoted to filling prescriptions, and the other they see patients. They average 60 patients in one night.

Thanks,dad for this great opportunity, and thanks for being such a great role model. I may not ever get to work with you as a peer, but once I become a physician, I plan to work until I’m as old as you are or older. The way I figure it, that’s a good 20+ years!

I love this!

It’s awsome!
And I got touched…

Wow! This is great! I know that you are extremely proud of your dad!!! Thanks for sharing this with us and good luck with your med school apps!

Thursday night was great! It was really awesome getting to watch my dad work. It has definitely reaffirmed my decision to change careers at this point in my life. When I get more time I will write a little more about the experience. Thanks to everyone for your support!