Greetings, an introduction and a question

Dear all - I write this with a glass of red wine so please excuse the rambling.

I suspect my story isn’t unusual except to myself. I am 34, and have been working in IT management for the past 12.5 years at a very large American company. I am single, no kids, no relationship baggage, etc. Graduated with an IT/business degree with a much below par GPA of 2.85, and a year later with an MS degree (which of course does not count) GPA of 3.4 Little to no basic science/math courses - nearly everything I’ve taken is from the business and liberal arts schools. Did manage a 4 out of 5 in AP Bio back when I took it in 1995. I also did complete volunteer time in high school at a local poison control center, and at a hospital in pre-admission testing. Obligations and travel for work do not permit me to have any real time to actively and regularly volunteer otherwise.

Like many others I’m disheartened to read through post-bac requirement specifying 3.0 or higher GPAs. One of the advisors recommended I enter as a Continuing Education student instead - any thoughts on this?

I’m ready and willing to make the full time plunge back in to academe - and I think my brain has evolved in the last 12 years or so to make use of the education that will be brought to me - certainly more so than in my ignorant years. I am not tied down location-wise (other than a desire to remain on-shore). As I write this, I look upon a stack of sealed recommendation letters, transcripts, and copies of my resume. So the ball is in my court.

Some quick maths, have me hopeful of completing med school and residency by my mid 40s, hopefully with at least 20 years of practice open to me should I go that route.

Julia Child always said “You have to have the courage of your convictions!” That is the mindset I seem to be gravitating towards. It is certain comforting to read through some of your introductions - the stories are all different, yet the story remains the same.


Welcome to OPM alext0977!

You sound like the perfect candidate for a DIY post-bacc. Once you set that, continue with your volunteering/research/sha dowing, prepare thoroughly for the MCAT and voila!’ll see your goals nearer that you expected.

You are right, your brain learns better now than before. Guess what? It will learn even better as you get older, as long as you exercise its functions properly, which you will surely do during you career as a physician.

Welcome again, and keep us posted on your progress.