grieving a loss

Those of you who’ve read ALL my posts in recent months (yeah, I know, that’s a lot) know how proud I am that my son Mike is a Navy pilot. Well, his squadron suffered the worst thing that can happen to a group of pilots: they lost a plane the other night, on a training mission, and three young pilots are dead.

All of these men and women know that theirs is a dangerous job, and yet they love to do it. Just as soldiers, Marines, firefighters, police officers, and myriad others, they shrug and note that danger comes with the territory. But all the same, I would expect that a coping mechanism is to think that it won’t happen to you. When it happens this close, it’s hard.

If you are so inclined, please pay tribute to these men by visiting the squadron website, just to look at their pictures and know their names. Thanks.


I’m sorry to hear about the loss of Lts. Betton, Hall, and Smith. They and their families and friends will be in my thoughts.


Thanks for the post. We usually don’t think about that, but there are people risking their lives (and dying) for us every single day. They’ll be in my thoughts and prayers.


I’m sorry to hear about the loss of these three men. Every day I hate to hear that we have lost more men and women to this war. My thoughts are with the families during this diffcult time.

SO sorry to hear of the loss of your son’s squad mates and friends. I imagine it creats an awful feeling for you. Sadness for the families of those lost; anxiety that it comes so close to home, relief that your so is still ok. It confusing mix to be sure.

Yes, it is part of the duty but I agree it still hits a raw nerv for such happens so close.

My thought are with you and the rest of the squadron friends and family at this difficult time.

Mary, you know my story, and my heart REALLY goes out to those families…

Thanks, efex; yes I am mindful of the sacrifices made by your family and all these others…

and one note to all, the sacrifice made by those in our armed forces and their families is not “just” a wartime thing. This accident was a training accident that had nothing to do with the Iraq war. The dedicated men & women in our country’s service deserve our respect and gratitude both in peace and in war.


So true…we need to know that sacrifices from military families and member of the armed forces come at ALL times.

Mary, I am so sorry to hear about the losses in your son’s squadron; the only good thing is to know that your son is okay. The families of those who lost a member, as well as your son and family, will be in our prayers.

Sorry to hear about the loss to your son’s squadron. However I am elated this wasn’t about your son. I know they will “soldier” on but losing shipmates is difficult. I lost a few to training accidents and those hurt more than mission related deaths. I pray your son keeps keeping on.