Guidance on re-taking a course after graduation

If I am retaking a pre req that I received below a C- in during undergrad, can I take it at a different institution? I already graduated from my undergrad. I know that AMCAS will not count the course as a retake since it wasn’t completed at the same institution, but I’m wondering if it is acceptable if I retake the course at a state school so that it can count for course completion of passing the pre req. In addition, my undergrad institution has the lab for the course separate from the course and the lab was pass fail (which I passed and shows up on my transcript as pass). If I retake the course at another institution, should I also retake the lab?

As for retaking the class at a different institution other than the one you graduated from, you can definitely do that as long as it’s an accredited college/university. My post-bacc institution has the lecture and lab classes separate because the labs aren’t actually held at the extension campus. However, I think a lot of 4 yr universities have the lecture and lab as one class, as that was the case for the university where I took both semesters of bio. As for whether you should retake the lab, I’m guessing you probably don’t if you passed but definitely check with your pre-health advisor (if you have one) and/or prospective schools

Thank you so much for your response, it was super helpful! I’m actually taking the General Biology 1 course (offered online) at the UC Berkeley extension next spring and the lab is separate. Hopefully that works out for me because I don’t intend on taking the lab! I’m glad that the extension program offers it separately.

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That’s awesome you’re taking it at UCBx - two of my friends are taking the lecture and lab for Bio 1 next semester (I’m not since I took it elsewhere and got A’s both semesters).