Guidance please

Greetings to you all (if any),

Please do help me here. I am a returning student. I enrolled a couple of years ago at my community college for a new adventure in life. After recently earning my pilots license I wanted to continue on with education (having not been previously educated), Here at Ventura College, a course for the degree of RN is offered, so I thought this would be a great idea. As these things go I continued evolving. I attended a conference for St. Georges Medical School. Let me tell you that hit me over the head hard. I tried to shake the thought… I mean seriously 44 y/o starting that path. Okay so here is the hooker. Turns out I am a wiz at Intro biology and Intro Chemistry. I am tutoring the stragglers in both. Couple that with I just collected a list of prerequisites (pre-med)from the on campus MESA counselor. Would it be wise to take Chem 1A plus Majors Biology plus a physics, calculus, or English class? If I divide the classes up correctly I could cover all the prerequisites in two years. Should I do it in three? The good news is, this is my only worry. So please offer it up, throw in your “two cents” if you will.

The rule of thumb as far as class load is concerned is to not overburden yourself to the extent that you aren’t making good grades! The importance of doing well in your classes can’t be stressed enough. Further more, if you can take the courses at a 4 year university, it’s preferred by most med school admissions departments. Search this site and you’ll find plenty of 2 year v.s. 4 year discussions.

A good place to start would be to shadow some physicians to see if this is something you truly want to do! 44 years old is not too old if you really want to do it! There have been students older than you who have “gone the distance” and have been successful!

My two cents worth, as you requested!

Good luck to you whatever you decide, and congrats on getting your pilot license! Very Cool!