Guy at my school

This guy in my Organic Chem class was doing some project in microbiology and ended up discovering two heretofore unknown bacteria strains. I was told what kind they were, but I’ve forgotten. Zack, the guy, is presenting a paper on it at the University of Oklahoma today at some big-shot microbiology gathering. This kid is 20 years old and pre-med. Needless to say, this guy has the research section of his application filled.
If he weren’t such a good guy, you’d hate him for it. Yesterday he was joking around and said, “Yeah, Johns Hopkins medical school called me this morning. They offered to admit me without an MCAT score, a degree, and full tuition and a $50,000 a year stipend. I turned it down. I told them I was holding out for a better offer.”
He’s really nice. He says that he just got lucky.
Here’s hoping we all get so lucky.
And, by the way, this is a community college I’m attending. I guess he just put us on the map. Ross Perot (the Ross Perot) is from Texarkana, he just donated $100 million to our community college to build an engineering school.

Wow! Sounds like this kid is on his way!
And it sounds like Mr. Perot really likes your community college, too! $100M is a lot of money! tongue.gif

What better offer?????????? ohmy.gif

You could hate a guy like that, but don't worry about it. Concentrate on running your own race.