Had my 1st interview this year

Hi all,

I had what I consider a good interview this past Thursday. My interviewer was surprised of my interest in medical school at this time in my life. He asked why was I not retiring since I had over two decades of successful work as a medical technologist. My life is just starting the career of my choice…retire no way!!! I’m not on my death bed, and as far as I know I have two or three more decades of work ahead of me that I’d like to do. Anyways, wish me luck on an acceptance here. It’s my top choice!

World Class

What school?

Good luck to ya Sounds like you have a good perspective of your reasons for going into this.

Edit: And was this a med school interview or a residency one? If the former, it likely belongs in the other forum.

Ooops. My bad. It’s a medical school. Got accepted and am sucessfully completing my first year! Sorry about the wrong post and last reply after 18 months.