Halfway There!

Well, I’ve finally reached the halfway point in finishing my prereqs!
General Chemistry I, General Chemistry II, Physics I, Physics II are in the books with A’s in all of them.
Biology I & II and Organic Chemistry I & II are up next for the fall and spring semesters with an MCAT on the agenda in April.

You rock!
I have Physics I&II and Orgo I&II.

Great Job!!! Keep up the excellent work! biggrin.gif
I have General Chemistry I and Biology I waiting for me this fall.

I’m an organic and phyics person myself. Good luck to every one this year. smile.gif

Congrats on your stellar grades! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif I just have PreCalc this fall. I need to take everything else: Biology, Chemistry, Organic Chemisty, Physics, take the MCAT, and apply. But ya gotta start somewhere! laugh.gif I’m actually very excited about learning all of the above cool.gif
Someone save this post–and remind me of it often–when I start pulling out my hair over my grades. Thanks.

Congratulations on your fantastic work!!! Keep plugging away and you'll be done before you know it!

I am planning on taking biology and chemistry this fall. I may also do a correspondance class, and use it as an elective. Something non science like histriy or I don't know what I have several websites bookmarked that offer classes through correspondance.

Good job!
I think I can almost see some light at the end of the tunnel myself. This fall I have Physics II and P-chem, then in the spring it's on to Biochem and Psychology. Oh, and I just finished Calc III!

Mr. B, did you work in Seattle? If so, then where did you work? I worked on every line except for the 767. I noticed on the Boeing web site that they have only sold one 747 this year. The parking situation in Everett is probably a lot easier now than when I worked there! Since the aviation industry seems to be disappearing from this area and because I don't have a job anymore, I'm taking a serious look at getting into the medical field. Good luck in your quest!

Congratulations!!! laugh.gif

I spent 7 years flying Boeings - never had the chance to get the grand tour in Seattle though. But from the sound of things, it doesn’t sound like things at Boeing are any better than they are at the airlines. It honestly seems like the entire aerospace industry is imploding after 9-11, and my former employer, American Airlines, will be lucky to make it through next year without a bankruptcy filing. If you think you want to go into medicine, go for it! The road isn’t nearly as bad as it seems when you’ve yet to take the first step.
I’m several weeks into my second (and final) year of prereqs now, so (if you ignore that nasty little MCAT looming in April) I’m over halfway there. Took my first Biology and Organic Chemistry tests and managed a 90% and a 91% on them, respectively.
So thus far, a potential blink.gif is more like biggrin.gif

CONGRATULATIONS Boeing! biggrin.gif
In my opinion, you’ve aced the most difficult half of the coursework!
Great to find out that you’re a flyer, Boeing!

Hey, atleast when you become a doctor and get that Bonanza, you’ll know how to fly it without incident! laugh.gif

laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif
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