Happy Birthday Doc Pelley!!

Happy Birthday Doc Pelley!!!

Happy, happy birthday!
And it’s a good reminder for me to order a copy of Medical Success Types! Take care! smile.gif

As Dave already said
May your day be filled with celebrations and joy!

Hi there Dr. Pelley,
To be on this earth for seven decades is truly a great accomplishment. I can’t wait to get there myself. tongue.gif Have a very happy birthday and Many Happy Returns!! from the woman who is finding her 6th decade a real blast! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

Happy birthday Dr. Pelley! You share a birthday with another OPM - namely me! Happy birthday to us. smile.gif
Hope you’re having a good day. I know I am.

Hi Pam,
What a great surprise! Happy Birthday to you! I know that you have your little birthday present in the form of Gage. You know, my uncle (the cardiologist) was born on October 25th. I knew I liked the month of October for more than All Hallows Eve. Many Happy Returns biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

happy b'day Dr. Pelley - hope you have a tremendous day !
== you too Pam - happy b'day too !

Best wishes for a very happy birthday Dr. Pelley!!!
I hope you can attend our next OPM convention in DC!!!
Seattle Jeff biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

I felt the earth move under my feet
I felt the sky tumbling down
I felt my heart start to trembling
whenever you’re …posting Happy Birthday wishes!
Outstanding! Thanks to Judy Colwell for tipping me off. And, thanks to each of you who posted a birthday wish (and also to those who wish they had).
I seem to have gotten detached from the group a bit, and I am really happy you didn’t let me get too far away. I am absolutely awstruck with the OPM site. You’re doing a thriving business here. The resident (pardon the pun) physicians are feeding back tremendously valuable information on life as a physician and those progressing through med school are able to demystify the medical education process. I hope those in OPM that are preparing for interviews will refer to the experience they are hearing here from people like Natalie and Betsy. It is very credible to say something like, “I tend to agree with a friend of mine who is a surgery resident that situations like that are best handled…etc.” Anytime you speak from experience you are more credible.
News from the home front is that since I spoke to all of you (and I want to repeat how refreshing and satisfying it was to meet all of you) I’ve been to North Dakota, West Virginia, EVMS, UNM, Oklahoma, NY Podiatric (!), and (ta daa) the Graffian follicle of OPM, KCOM. I am about to go to San Francisco in early November and report on three separate projects that I have going with our students. All of them can be found at the SuccessTypes website but the one that is most dramatic is our prematriculation self study program. I guess what I am saying that if I haven’t been paying enough attention to all of you here, it isn’t for lack of interest in humanity. It’s just that the local humanity is overloading my limited supply of synapses.
Also, along the lines of the meeting in Washington, I have a conflict based on the same factor that enabled me to come to the last convention - that being UT San Antonio med school. I have been scheduled to speak during that period to the prematriculation students. I may actually have tenure for one day a year at San Antonio since that will be my fifth year.
I will stay on the lookout for the 2004 convention, so maybe every other year will work out. But, by then all of you will probably be in medical school so you won’t really need any more advice.
Considering the quality of local members in Washington, like Natalie Belle and Mary Renard, you will have as much wisdom as you can reasonably absorb. Just bear in mind that you will remember more about what happened if you titrate your margaritas to stay just below .07% serum ethanol.
my best,