Happy Birthday Geoff

I hope you have a great birthday! Best Wishes!!!


Happy Birthday to you… (click here and sing along)
Have a great one, Geoff!

I can only hope that this birthday will be one of many happy birthdays to come! Have a great day of celebration!! HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Hey Geoff,
Happy Birthday! Now a couple of updates:
That “old man” didn’t die until Friday. He got out of the unit and died peacefully on the floor. I wish I could say that he was surrounded by loving family but we both know that this was NOT the case. Anyway, for his sake, I am glad that his stuggle is over.
Dr. Smith and Dr. Schweid were both very impressed with you and your interest in medicine. Again, I was very impressed with how you jumped right in and made the most your experience.
Enjoy your day!

Thanks guys!! I had a great day. Made up for the sh*tty news I got about my OCHEM class I was supposed to be taking this Fall.
Anyway, thanks again!