Happy Birthday, Ian!

Have a good one! biggrin.gif

I hope this post finds everyone in the OPM family doing well
Although I’ve been buried this semester. . . (a good kind of buried though, if there IS such a thing) I have been lurking and absorbing all of the good news and discussions on the OPM forums. I just haven’t felt like I could justify the time required to get involved in many conversations. Working, family, school . . . you are all familiar with the issues we OPMers operate under tongue.gif
Congrats and/or good luck to everyone that has been accepted, those with promising interviews (residency AND med school), and those in U.G. studies.
In a couple of weeks, things will have quieted down, and I will de-lurk. In the oft used movie cliche, "I’ll be back."
Ian “racerx”

Hey Ian!
I'm glad you're enjoying your busy life, but don't be an egg-head! Enjoy your day!
Sister J.