Happy Birthday Machete Joe!!!

Happy Birthday to you…
Happy Birthday to you…
Happy Birthday to yo-o-o-u, dear Joe
Happy Birthday tooooo yooooooouuu!



happy birthday Joe -

Happy Birthday Joe…from the “other” Super Liberal!!! :D

Thanks all. Had a really relaxed day. Irony- I had to cook my own #### BD dinner.
Wife couldn’t she was holding the baby and Mom wouldn’t cause she just can’t grill…it’s a Man thing.
BUT, my Moth-in-law brought over the best chocolate cake you ever had!! #### I could have gotten more of that Big Time!
I did get what I was asking for…a new 500mm lens for my Rebel G set up.
If you want to see what I have done with it, click on this and go to the contest section and look for the Still Life section “Horsealone.jpg” and the April COntest with “Flower”. I have done some photography contests recetnly and hope to win. Vote if you feel the urge!
My flower shot should be around the middle pages.