Happy Birthday Mary Renard!


Thanks Jeff! I logged in this morning just so I could see that cool birthday cake logo next to my name
Last week someone told me that 50 itself doesn’t feel like much, it’s the next year when you realize you’re going to be fifty-something for several years that it sinks in that you’re old enough to join AARP. (whose stuff I have chucked) Certainly I don’t feel any older so far, ha ha.
I have to work today but hey, I’ll drive there & back in my new car so it’s all good!

Happy, happy birthday, Mary! That cake is cute, huh?!
I had hoped to get up and be the first one to send birthday wishes your way, but since I don’t have to be at the clinic until 1 p.m. I actually slept in until 7 a.m. Wow!!
Anyway, when you get off work today, go out and have a great time with your husband and family! And, believe me, 50 is no big deal!

Wow! So many B-days all at once. Happy Birthday Mary!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Go enjoy that little (not) red car.

Hey Mary!
Happy Birthday! So it’s the big “5-oh”. I had the distinct pleasure of turning 50 three weeks after I graduated from medical school. I sort of looked upon the day as the "Dawn of my second half century.
I proudly display my AARP card next to my American College of Surgeons membership card. Makes me feel like a wise old surgeon.
Enjoy your day and zipping around in your little car. Boy have the Fairfax County police have their work cut out for them. Many happy returns!

Happy birthday to Mary AND the car!

A belated happy birthday to you.